nedeljko18 says:

Great video,cat is a creature that always charm the man !

funk3yball5 says:

@Nachulez took you longer to write the comment :p

Molly Grace says:

@sclapione You're the one to talkk??

sclapione says:

@mollylimegreenlover It's a cat, it therefor is by nature not lame

So WHO is the lame one ? *looks at you*

sshelget says:

OMG how cute!!!! That cat looks like my cat (Diva)!

Molly Grace says:

Wowww lame!!!

MtaSkc says:

@gyoungins321 how about sleeping?

MtaSkc says:

thumb up if your pc freezed when the video ended

gyoungins321 says:

@Nachulez actually you lost 20-30 seconds of your life because you made a comment.

squito94 says:

@iknowcarsalot4444 Your time can't be that valuable if your browsing youtube!

xXR3MiXx says:

@Nachulez it was lost writing that comment 0.o lol jk

DeadPixel91 says:

@Nachulez If you want those nine seconds back why don't you stop watching youtube???

iamronidog says:

Ok whats wrong with the video? and how old are you guys? your not gonna miss 9 seconds.

Sparkie3222 says:

To all the people who wants "my 9 seconds of my life back"
grow up!

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