Crazy and very angry cat attack me!


Alex Porter says:

Just stupid

Adam N says:

and throughout the vast majestic universe…..

The jimmies rustle softly…..

Don't get so damn butthurt about something as small as this video, the cat wasn't hit or abused, it's just being cranky. You must start crying when the wind blows in your eye as well lol.

Sara Allison says:

yes. thanks
you too

Carpe Diem says:

Not really sure what that sentence means other then I assume you are 37, and used to be not easily excited… all I am saying is you can be funny without having to be so controversial.. people talking about these things as a joke can inspire others to do something horrible because they see it as socially acceptable amongst his peers.. you don't have to be completely clean, just keep an eye on where your comments are heading.. awesome that you're a vegan, keep up the good fight 😉

Sara Allison says:

omg i couldn't imagine, l myself who is normally placid, kicked in my monitor about hmm l was 27 yikes 10 years ago

Carpe Diem says:

actually if you read the comment I didn't insult you at all but rather complimented you, while at the same time trying to prove a point.. I'm sure you would lose a gasket over ferret abuse, but you can't expect people not to react to such disgusting comments… and what if you inspired a young kid or something to end up hitting a cat with a hammer because you're a hottie and they want to impress you… sounds stupid, but people are stupid, you'd be surprised what can happen from a comment…

Sara Allison says:

Good comebacks though! You're an expert

Sara Allison says:

l wouldn't be able to kill a bug

Sara Allison says:

l can't stand suffering of any kind, esp animals and l told you that. Still you continued to insult me. I don't a female alive who isn't sensitive about their looks. l would think attractive women are the most vulnerable.
l'm not Kate Moss, but l don't think l'm Roseanne Barr either.
If someone made a comment about abusing a ferret, l'd blow a gasket. I'm a veg. by the way

Carpe Diem says:

see trolling on the internet can lead to people getting hurt, your obvious need to validate your looks by comparing them to mine shows that I must've struck a chord 😉

Although I do not believe the words I say, I say them for fun… unknowing it could really hurt someones feelings, or portray the social desensitization of animal abuse.. you'd be surprised who you can inspire with a pretty face, I'd watch your words

and I'm not ashamed, I'll give you a link to my Facebook in your messages..

Sara Allison says:

If l was ugly l'd prob be upset. but its funny
lets see a pic of you now

Carpe Diem says:

Oh sorry I didn't realize you were post-op.. but good for you, I respect the LGBT movement and hope you enjoy many years in your new body 😀

You can still kinda see it in the face though 😉

oh and Hamilton ON

Sara Allison says:

it was my first reaction/
Take a long look at pic mofo
where in canada do you live my me in ssm ontario

Carpe Diem says:

lol trolling for attention then?.. just wear a low-cut shirt and go to a dive bar at last call.. you might get lucky, it's dark in there 😉

Sara Allison says:

HAHA yeah you'd be surprised what men like. Besides l have 3 ferrets who live better than l do, and would prob die for them .
Not a cat fan, but would never hurt one

Carpe Diem says:

lol Sara, you're a winner.. 20 bucks say's you change your tone when you realize no guy wants a cold hearted bitch and you end up getting 20 of them lol

Bailee Smith says:

He's so damn cute lol ^_^…

ZeroGHome24 says:

Why don't you go and take up some kick boxing instead of beating on your cat you pussy. Hope the cat gets you when you sleep, so when mummy comes in to your room in the morning the cats chewing on you wind pipe.

Mews Universe says:

it was probably scared and attacked as defense

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