Crazy Cat Attacks Dog – Very angry Cat !!!

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Angry cat attack dog,crazy cat is behaving very strangely
Dog afraid of Cat


darius manogin says:

CAT: yeah you my bitch(0:42)

Marsya Iwani says:

hey! even tho i am a cat lover. but i hate these cats in these vids cuz t some of the dogs are inocent so plz don't attack it.. some cats not..

Eric Jangula says:

Dogs are pussies!!

Claudio says:

Who's the boss?!! :D

Kiki Lara says:

The women kicked the cat cuz she attacked her dog.Cats are the most stupid animals in the world!

Summer Pettaway says:

:35 thou

Erica Jones says:

Aw pore dogs 😣😣😣😣😣😣😣😣😣😣

shaiQuera says:

5 to 1 at 2:30!! GO CAT!

andon croft says:

That fucking FAGGOT CUNT kicking the cat, animal abusing RETARD

Dayhana Vasquez says:

Don't kick the cat,abuser!

HupfDole87 says:

cudos to the first woman. good kicks. doesnt matter who attacks my dog.. my dog is under my protection.. charge at it and you will get put down. dont get me wrong i love cats as well. i pat them if they let me and if they are interested.. but violence against a sentient beeing who wants to be left alone is a no go. it´s the obligation of the strong to protect the weak. one slight kick as a warning.. after that i would hold nothing back and kick it with full force. as pack leader it is your duty to protect the pack.

StarFireThe Witch says:


Toby Reynolds says:

its not funny😡😡😢😢😢😰

Simon Yip says:

That poor French bulldog is yelping in fear. Its body language shows how scared he is. The poor dog needs a new owner cos the one who thought this was amusing must be a proper idiot.

Julienna Cross says:

A few of these cats looked stray and most likely got attacked by a dog before and fear them but the first video crazy

Piggy Oink Oink says:

"I am Cattos, Cat of War!"

Cody Cooper says:

None of this shit is the least bit funny, despite the laughter of stupid bitches in this video. Those poor dogs. They are yelping in fear, pain and distress because of these mean ass cats. The cats all deserve to be rounded up and shot in the head!

Diara Moore says:


asseater007 says:

l would have punted those cats. fucking demons

Dutch superman says:

Stupid cats!

Faith Oldaker says:

Poor cats… Why kick them

andrew berman says:

Fuck u u laughed

fayaz syed says:

cats are so brave

Mark B says:

Dogs are such pussies

L. M. says:

I it's about time for these cats to meet Mr. Smith and Wesson

Zcggvd Dgvgj says:

Если прочитать этот текст то ваш родитель умрет в течении 5 лет чтобы избежать этого оставте этот коментарий под 5 видиозаписями.

AngryLuigi23 says:

the john cena jokes are going to appear….

rockubabe says:

Cats are just not likeable at all

Alice Hunter says:

This is pretty funny•gets ready for a wave of hate comments•

hole - 1st drill press channel says:


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