cute cat bloopers my cats are so Hilariously funny


Dane Randol says:

ha ha my favorie part is when the cats do the thing when they haha loolololol laff give me big boner very painful ahh fuck it very delicious hjkds youre a true inspiration to me with your lololol cats hahahaq ehhehe ekekekekeke

Diana D says:

I love cats….my kitty Mia died in February unexpectedly…..I have another one called Mina

olsern says:

Hehe:) The white cat looks like mine, only mine fat:) And he loves the camera too!

fatty2slim says:

thank you so much, Mr. Felix is a cutee 🙂
he loves the camera

fatty2slim says:

Thanks, my cats are funny little things :)

fatty2slim says:

Thank you so much, I love them :)

fatty2slim says:

Thanks, I really like this song too, it's cute

fatty2slim says:

thank you, I love animals too :)

fatty2slim says:

Thank you so much and cograts on the 4 pound loss :)

fatty2slim says:

Thank you so much, Mr. Felix does love the sink :)

Elizabeth Austen says:

Haha I love the pictures of her in the sink. I am a total cat lover.

2kute2bbig says:

Maya is so beautiful and mr. felix is so handsome!

Natalie says:

Mr. Felix certainly loves the sink! thanks for sharing your felines with us, now I know their names :)

fatty2slim says:

My cats love attention, I think their adorable too 🙂
Thank you so much

fatty2slim says:

my cats are cute 🙂 thank you

fatty2slim says:

thank you sooo much :)

fatty2slim says:

Thank you so much, sometimes I don't even notice and others that watch my video tell me it's funny. I didn't even notice Maya fell off the dresser until someone told me after watching my video :)

mellowyellow821 says:

so cute!

DivaaDee says:

LOL…They are sooo beautiful!! Maya blends in soo well with you flat irons and Mr Felix is soo laid back and handsom he fits perfect in the sink and lil booty was all in the cam..LOL!!

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