Cute Cat trick: Bang! Cat Playing Dead

Bang! A fun trick that you can teach your pets, and see how dramatic they can act.

In case you are wondering, Cooper is a Persian kitten, and Pancake (his “sidekick”) is an Exotic Shorthair kitten.

Viewed through the world of a fisheye lens.

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Mike Vallen says:

Cooper is a wonderful superstar and looks like a wise old man .

Tommy Boy says:

I don't think Cooper likes his Mckey Mouse outfit. I have a persian myself, but Pancake is probably the most beautiful creature ever! 😉 I got a lot of respect for You guys, You're wonderful people

Kitty Girl54321 says:

0:51, so cute.

Mustivil says:


TheApostleofRock says:

Lel the other cat is like yeah so id like treats too

Robert Miles says:

The cuteness of kittens is without compare.

omegax45 says:

So fluffy. And poor Pancake at the end was looking at the camera, wondering where were his treats. I hope he got some.
You guys have beautiful kitties. I want them all.

Petco says:

This is so adorable!

Nilbert Nullingsworth says:

Awesome 'stache.

Maureen Longthorne says:

The beautiful cute smart baby.

Michelle Reyes says:

Pancake :3

Karma Android says:

That cat looks exactly like the old Chinese man who lives next door to me.

miroslava chavez says:

bang! so cute

Morgan Campbell says:

I love how Pancake's just sittin' in the background, not an Idea in the world what's going on…

Galactic Dreamer says:

Bang! So cute reminds me of that episode of deathnote oh how i love cats :3 (persians the most)

Jason Nyers says:

Persian, notice the flat face.

princessali1996 says:

awe what kind of cat is cooper

Loorsey says:

oh my gosh. That face. It reminds me of an old japanese man with a rocking stache. lol

Dani Weigand says:

0:33 – 0:39.. The other kitty is like umm cooper bro.. keep yourself together. 

chd wwk says:

I love how it looked back first. "Is it clean enough for me to fall? Yeah, that'll do"

kiddo19728 says:


lilly ifciev says:

r they Persian cats? 

Sagar Rai says:

ok so I have to play dead! you should have told earlier

uchihaitachi34 says:

LOL the little one is like "what ARE you doing?" and "why dont i get treats?!"

Syed Qaim Jan says:

whats the name of the cat….u know what i mean right?

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