Cute Cat Video Fail with TotalBiscuit


Michael on Youtube says:

i think your mouse sensitivity was too low in this game

Overlord Of Evil says:

We need more TB snarking over cats.

Felipe Coelho says:

give me more ad revenue lol

Constantly Confused says:

I freaking love your cat videos.

Flibber Nodgets says:

I have a similar problem with my cat: as soon as I get the camera, she stops doing the cute thing i wanted to film

whatwhat98 says:

3 minutes of your time wasted.

Lets be honest. When you spend your life on the internet and/or video games, you time is always wasted. I should know, I wasted about 5 minutes of my time watching this vid and typing this comment when I could have wasted my time better by playing video games or watching Kill la Kill.

mlppb says:

Now I want a shirt of loki and freya and TB telling them to make him more ad revenue

Spiritwolfe says:

TB sounds like he has a blocked nose.

TheKiroshi says:

isn't this breaking some law??

A cat video on the internet without 3+ million views?

Corray Music says:

I want that cat! ITS SO ADORABLE I SWEAR!!!

ElvenMan says:

"Make me more ad revenue!" LOL TB

Cepheus says:

8 people have no souls!!!

Tom N says:

"Make me more ad revenue"

zeveroare R says:

Your cat seems broken.

Christmas Crustacean says:

I want a kitty 🙁

earthworm768 says:

Im not a cat person but man that cat looks gorgeous

The Video Book says:

Thats cool ❤️
Great video.

Panos T. Tufexis says:

Genna, does TB ever cuddle those cats in secret?

Abbreviated Reviews says:

"Make me more ad revenue." The official motto of cat videos on youtube.

J It says:

The lack of entertainment has entertained me once again.
Keep it up.

Aufinator says:

This… this is the internet in a nutshell.

Joseph Salib says:

Hello, Genna and Tom! Please do a full review of that cat. It might help those on the fence in the cat/dog wars. Thank you!

Sharpice Woods says:

Get TB do what the cat was doning, you will get more subs that way.

Evilanious says:

"Make me add revenue!"


Michael Name says:

Dawww, so cute. Took me a while to realize it's Loki playing with the toy and not TB. They both are just too cute!

Doctorgeo7 says:

This reminds me of what my own cat does with toys.
Plays with them a little, puts them down, stares at me, plays with them a little more, puts them down, rolls over etc. etc.

Andrew Rayleigh says:

I was expecting TB to grumble about it and he didn't disappoint XD Cheers guys!

Edohiguma says:

Time to send Loki to Japan so that he can learn from Maru and Shiro.

Scheefinator says:

Now this is some nyan-catent.

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