Cute Cats Demands Petting Compilation

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Pet me, please!
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1. Chat relou
2. Сними очки
3. Погладь кота
4. Cute Kitten Demands More Petting!
5. Cat Demands Petting
6. Cat Politely Asks for Attention
7. Needy Kitty Demands Attention
8. Cute Cat demands petting
9. My cat Gigi wants attention 2
10. Погладь кота!


nekopii says:

My question is. What is that guy doing, watching tv in just his blue underwear?

Behold Eärendil says:

cat at 1:24 is like: hey umm, I really don't mean to interrupt you there, I mean, maybe you're doing something important and umm I really hope this is not inconvenient for you but uuuh… would you please pet me. Only if you want, of course

kaczan3 says:

Nothing will ever beat the first clip. The entire internet might as well shut down right now.


pats on lap

Charvi Singh says:

My cat used to do this a lot.That was 18 years ago but I miss him a lot :'(

euniceerica says:

I laugh my ass off when the first cat puts it's head on the guys hand while he keeps on playing the guitar.

Cute Cat Messages says:

nice song:)

xthatwhiteguyx says:

I saw an almost naked boy, and a crotch shot of a potential pantiless girl… Were there cats in this video?

Jack smith says:

My rabbit does this too 🙂 hell keep nudging me with his head untill i pet him or if my hand on the floor he push his head under it 😂

Google sucks cock says:

for anyone who doesn't understand/speak russian, at 0:41 the girl is saying 'you're my beauty, pretty cat, pretty, mine mine mine'

obviously the translations going to differ a bit into english, but that's basically it.

hobbyfarmer85 says:

that last one has a nice skirt

VuNguyen ThaiAn says:

Does anyone know the song at the beginning?

markw6593 says:

0:34 WTF what's she lady saying

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