Cute Kittens dancing tango | Funny Cats video

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Cute Kittens are playing and dancing tango in the Funny Cats video. SUBSCRIBE: . New cats and kittens video every Tuesday !

Music: ” ” by Kevin MacLeod ISRC:


Jennifer Clark says:

Oleg, if you don't mind me asking, where do you live?

Ira Aschemacher says:


J Kanda says:

so cute.I make cat video.please cheak it!!!

MisterBoners says:

I came here to watch cats dancing, and I saw no such thing.

mario agostini says:

I am it is a joy to have these kitties around…in the house

Meghana J says:

My family has the exact same vacuum!
 Its the IRobot Roomba right?

Dan Pilapil says:

Does the roomba or whatever it's called consider
Your kittens as carpets filled with dust or something?

mario agostini says:

that is good for kitties to travel on..

minzy2ne1.jimin.bts says:

So cuteeee ❤️ i LOVE YOUR Videos !!!! 🙂

andrea Garcia says:

Dance kitten dance

vaadaenmacchi says:

Awesome! Your videos are like a cup of hot tea on a cold rainy day!

Jill Nunez says:

aw, that's so cute!

Takashi Cristi says:

Romani aici cumva ? Nu ?

james pisano says:

"What IS that thing?"

Meda Beda says:

the music is really cool
who is that with the white stripe on his back??? that's very, very cute ♥

Gato303co says:

They're not dancing tango, they're dancing roomba 😀

e9s42tv69mo says:

Happy New Year to you!  oh what cute kitties!  love the music, quite appropriate! of course, i think the alternative function of these household appliances is to entertain the kitties! it sure entertains me watching them, be entertained by it!

Ligia Caldwell says:

"oh oh it is coming after me" !!! ^.^
happy new year, beautiful family : )

Paul Smith says:

So cute when stand on their back legs and sort of hop backwards.

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