Cute Kittens Play in Ball Pit

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This was filmed during my visit to The Cat House on the Kings in California, I thought the kittens would go crazy with this ball pit, but as you can see they didn’t really do that much! … Well they were very cute 🙂

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Cat Man Chris says:

We just made a deluxe ball pit for Cole and Marmalade too, check it out! –

The frog says:

Having a good time 😜👏👏🖖

Maranda Gilbreath says:

(Grabs cats and runs) hahaha! They are my cuties now! >:D

ビジョン N says:


MarzandMakeup says:

Were are you going mummy

Helenita Francisca says:

Que fofinho.

RiDer Vs SeRpo says:

Süße Katzen 😘😺😻💗💖

yllzon zariqi says:

xds 3russ0

Sweet CupCake88 says:

this made me really want another kitten XD

Joao Da Silva says:

Eu gostei só que eu te amo gata eu sou uma criança que ama gato e cachorro e pássaro é meu parceiro sumiu e a minha outra morreu de uma moto mas tem muito gato aqui maior do que qualquer outro que tava bebendo nada estou só falando demais né eu gosto dos seus gatos e dos seus vídeos online para você

Dels says:

Adorable 💜
I got a new kitty last week and this is him climbing on the towel rack lol

Amrita Kanda says:

yes awesome kitties playing sweet

Anna says:

Why so many dislikes?!

Nisa Ayu Kumala says:


Soukaina Amenchar says:

Me encantan los gatos

Shakie La says:

11,000 Dislikes, wth????!?!

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