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Kookie Kookie says:

Omg there so cute

Madeleine Juliet says:

:3 so cute :3

Madison The Taco Cat That Likes to Animate says:

My mom hates mice but i cried when she put bleach on it ;-;

Friends Lovers says:

I always scream when I see mice but the looks of them are adorable!💖💖💖❤❤💓

PoisonDart says:

I LOVE MICE!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ethan Jae says:

Mice are cute, but fuck rats

SPARKY says:

What's that song called please

Teapotfighter says:

999tb like.

Hamster Life says:

Thumbnail is a hamster 🐹

RC Kim says:

Better than mouse trap vids

Ryan Brandon says:

I just saw a cat get nurses guy tossed it in now I'm trying to have good time it was cute I'm crying I can't do this why is their racism border and killing

Rainbow Dash says:

——————————— >:D This is a snake don’t let it in the video or else it will eat the mice. Try to make the snake explode by throwing it as far as you can. Reply down below how many feet you threw the snake. Biggest number means the snake explodes

AnnMar22ie says:

I sm using my moms account

AnnMar22ie says:

Are you kidding? Mice are soooooooooooo cuutttttttE!!!!!!


No vale ni 1todos repetitivo

Top Pay Position says:

I love them.

Devil's Offspring says:

1:26 Caution: Extreme Adorableness

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