Does Your Cat Watch You All The Time Too? – A Cat Music Video

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Also known as “The Inheritance” this video was a finalist in the 2014 Catdance Film Festival and we’ve decided to release it on our own channel. We hope you enjoy it!

The CATastrophes Web Series is a hilarious, cat-centric weekly comedy show featuring cat tips, recreations of viewer-submitted cat stories and scripted content of cats appearing in unexpected situations!

Many of our episodes bring attention to a topic in animal welfare or spotlight a rescue that’s saving lives. In fact, many of the cat actors and extras are available for adoption from local Chicago rescues!

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Lindsey Potter says:

cats are picknicks compared to ferets my feret is so bad she will wine when im on my bed until I come down and cuddle her

SouthwesternEagle says:

Awww! <3
I was thinking about cradling my black kitty Tchnotski and singing him to sleep in my bed with me. <3 He loves me even more than his own catnip (seriously, I pour him catnip and he runs to me to give me love first, even after it's served), so he'd really love me babying him. x3

Stella Coulson says:

Funny and sweet video. Loved the song. As a cat guardian I relate. Kitties don't believe in personal space, but they rock nonetheless = ^.^ =

grammie2bay says:

My cat is always watching me. I'll come around a corner and he's just sitting there…looking at me…always…

Émile Stevenin says:

It looks like a smelly cat parody!

thelastoneontheplane says:


dena81 says:

i wish my dead relatives left me cats!

dena81 says:

awwww his face when she's eating XD

crazywebkinz9 says:

Every breath you take
Every move you make
Every bond you break
Every step you take
I'll be watching you    ^..^

MyCouplesRockHard says:

Yep. My cat's a sticky-beak too. :D

Henry Colado says:

awesome as always!  love your videos!!

Mel says:

Girlfriend, you rock that french maid costume!

Purrjamm Cats says:

Great short film. Funny, cute and true. MOL

Diana Perez says:

Omg that was cute!!!! 

Mindy M says:

Great VIDEO!  Thanks for sharing it.

Milady Blue says:

Cool! I was half expecting Rockwell singing "Somebody's Watching Me," and instead, get an original song that definitely sums up some of the weirdness associated with cats, namely the constant surveillance.

carschmn says:

Chris's next line after he learns the "dead" aunt is calling should be "It's a miracle!"

Lori Morales says:

Ha ha! Yes. Only when I feed her, pet her, play with her, sleep, eat, watch youtube, netflix, when I have friends over, and… Oh.

Cole and Marmalade says:

You guys ROCK!

celinne700 says:

One of the most entertaining, significant and useful cat channels on YT. Your productions are impressive and professional. You should have a lot more hits and subscribers…..

Nightshade ofShadowclan (Darkforce) says:


T.K.S. says:

Looks like Guy LeFurr? LOL XOXO

tommielynn tyler says:

too cool! really, really, really AWESOME!

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