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More about #HanalaSagal #ComedyWellness influencer, keynote speaker, fitness, health expert, author, visionary, phenomenon, best-selling author, actress, screenwriter, co-producer of “Elvis & Nixon” (2016), and “The Last Laugh” (2015) with Mel Brooks. *Hollywood Loves Hanala! “You’re a brilliant artist.” – Norman Lear // “You’re a woman of rare taste.” – Carl Reiner // “We watch your show all the time.” – Valerie Bertinelli // “You inspired me.” – Buzz Aldrin // “Funny and important.” – Kevin Sorbo

Hanala is a Canadian-born, CLIO Award-winning writer, comedian, actress, artist and role model. She’s a Screenwriter and Co-Executive Producer of “Elvis & Nixon.”​ Her YouTube channel has 100M+ viewers. Hanala co-stars in “The Last Laugh”​ w/ Mel Brooks, Carl & Rob Reiner, Harry Shearer. Her Comedy Wellness career began on Public Access TV with her award-winning “SHAPE UP LA!”​ and “The Suzan Stadner Show”​ (1985-2000). SAG/AFTRA since 1983, Hanala is an icon featured in film, television, music videos, radio, print, Internet, book tours, speaking engagements, stand-up. “Lost Cell Phone Blues”​, her original song, is a Reverbnation Top 20 hit.

“A memoir by Hanala (Stadner) will have you laughing and crying.”​ – People Magazine Deputy Chief Michael Haederle / Ballentines PR 2007

Hanala’s story, from traumatized, gifted child to celebrity life coach, is hilarious and contains a positive message. Her passion to improve the world began 32 years ago after her last drink of alcohol. The daughter of Holocaust survivors wrote a critically-acclaimed memoir available on Hanala is the lead singer in the Traumedy Central Band #TCB
Available for bookings through 310-963-1010

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kshitij potdar says:

tons of love to this dog……

Molly Adams says:

Very intellegent dog

kyle villarreal sr. says:

I find training dog's very easy, if you know what your doing! Sounds like Hanala know's what she's doing!


Intellegent dog.

fartman says:

Super Sexy!  Should do these clips naked!  You need company on your "lonely weekends"?

gmend589 says:

Dog Fictional

Celio Celio says:

lack of a male ends

Zack Back says:

I love video 


A thing of scene is joy for ever!

navneet tripathi says:

nice videos

Noor Ahmad says:

My caveat
You tube

Huxley's view says:

When I go out to my backyard my neighbor dogs always bark at me .We share 6ft high wood fence. I am afraid that one day I might hurt those three dogs.please advise.

‫کیومرث اوسطی‬‎ says:

very good

Hanala Sagal says:

We reached 80 million views! #dogfunctional Thanks for watching!!

Orwinyu Francis says:

It's very short

Amin Nezam says:


Kamal Thapa says:


Kalyana Kumar says:

No comment

Naresh Dhiman says:

All bays right god

Hanala Sagal says:

Hildy and I are moving tomorrow! Here's where we've lived for 10 years and where we filmed #DogFunctional #followhanala #hanalasagal #elvisandnixon

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