Dog helping Cat giving Birth

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“Long Road Ahead” Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

OGG or Original Gathering is now Freo Design. Still thinking about changing the name again.

Dog helps cat to give birth
Hund hilft Cat Geburt,
chien aide naissance chat donner,
собака помогает кошка рождают,
cane aiuta a dare gatto nascita,
pes pomaga mačka rodi,
hund hjelper katt føder,
pes pomáhá kočka porodí,
anjing membantu kelahiran kucing memberi,
कुत्ते बिल्ली दे जन्म में मदद करता है,


Egbert Lau says:

A splendid video showing how two different animals can help each other. Any idea what the title of this beautiful music is???

Thom Ram Voegeli says:

So ist Kind-sein schön. So ist das Leben schön. Rührend.

…und dann am Schluss das soo zufriedene Schnurren der Katze, herrlich!

Karen Yates says:

What is the name of this song, and who performs it? It is beautiful!

Elise Swansong says:

🦄 ♥ 🐻 😻 ♥ 🍯 🐝 🐺
United We Stand LOVE WINS xxxx 🦄

Angelica Cruz says:

That is just so so so kind and cute

Carrie B says:

ill never let go jack….ill never let go….

Willow Johnson says:

Wow! That's incredible. I've never seen anything like this and it's truly a trusting friendship between these two. Thanks for posting this video. Just loved it.

Christel Mayer says:

beautiful! this is a great example for all of us to see.

Analysia Baeza says:

this dog is so sweet

Robin Gardner says:

I know that dogs and cats can be best friends, but I amazed this couple. The trust and compassion they share, I have no words to describe my thoughts. I need to watch this again, as I need to experience this love this animals have for each other. Thank you for posting this. If only humans could love and look after others, what a planet we would have.

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