Dog Reaction to Cutting Cake | Dog Cake Compilation

Funny dogs are in complete shock as it watches the owner cutting a dog cake. So funny and cute! Hope you like our compilation, share with your friends and SUBSCRIBE!

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Funny Animal Vines says:

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Erna Meier says:

Das ist nicht lustig! Das ist krank! Immer diese gelangweilten, nach Aufmerksamkeit Süchtigen Menschen, einfach abartig! 👿

Ester alves says:

Vou fazer isso com o meu cachorrinho kkkkkkkkkkkk e muito engraçado 🤣🤣🤣🤣

Tierra Moore says:

What kind of dog is that at 1:22

Maruthu pathy.B says:

1:40 super😂😂😂😂

Alok Sharma says:

0:29 and 1:31 plzz don't kill me, I served u well!!!!

Dog Lover says:

I loved the one at 1:30

Aman Verma says:

After this the dog will always be scared of knife 😐😐😐

Lisa Godin says:

Stop teasing these animals you idiots!

Vikash Nath shahdeo says:

Who thinks dogs are cute also and funny also 😂

si 1585 says:

I was watching this with my baby everly ( golden retriever puppy) and I made her look away cuz I bruuuuuuh the bulldog one looks so real asf 😮😮😮🙏🙏

ELIZABETH zamarripa says:

1:36 I don't wanna be next!!!!

Parakeet 93 says:

0:31 lol the dog was like "AHHHHHHH". XD 1:53 the dog was like "you are a murderer" 1:27 the dog was trying to lock himself so his owner won't eat him XD

Anali Sanchez says:

1:39 made me laugh so hard

꽃이피었습니다 재희 says:

아니 굳이 강아지한테 왜보여줘? 강아지들은 얼마나 무섭겠냐;;

Djdjj Dndndjd says:

Like si hablas español

K B says:

Please don't do these types of mischievous with the animals. It will be afraid off


very funny 😂😂😊

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