Dog vs. Rat vs. Cat: A Trick Contest

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Three years after “Cat vs. Dog: A Trick Contest”, Nana the Border Collie and Kaiser the Bengal cat are back and ready to take on new challengers. But do the rats have what it takes to bring home the trophy for the best tricks?

There are two contests being held in this video: Dog vs. Rat and Cat vs. Rat. Who should the winners be??

This video was made by popular request. All behaviours are taught exclusively with positive reinforcement and clicker training.
No footage is played in reverse. All animals are performing these behaviours as shown, including walking backwards.

Merry Christmas, everyone! I hope you all enjoy!
– NanaBorderCollie 🙂

Special thanks to Kevin MacLeod and Jason Shaw for the music.

Featured in this video are:
Nana the Border Collie
Kaiser the Bengal
Famous the rat
Raven the rat
And Suki, Shadow, London, & Britain, the rats.

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Bell Bell says:

the rats win

Sophie Swanson says:

Cat, and dog

J Tonttila says:

i think rats wins

Ignacio Myskiv says:

wins rat

Schwanz Käs says:

Rats win!

Jamie Go says:

I miss raven

Melissa Villanueva says:

Rat and cat wins

Kayleigh Redl says:

Bye raven, when did he die?!? Raven is so cute though! I feel bad.

MoonlightProductions says:

nana and kaiser won but it was very close

Nhu Hoang says:

the ratwins!

Joey Duque van Duffelen says:

i think the rats win!!!

Alondra Quintero says:

the two little rats

Chapikie says:

The rats !

harmony penny says:

Rats win i think

Helen Alvizo says:

the rats won they were faster

Bellabeauty101 says:

I think thy nana and the cat won but I think that the mouses or the rats win for cuteness

Charlotte Tan says:

Kaiser and Nana

Heather Driscoll says:

Cat and dog

lena “loveminecraft2015” jedrzejczyk says:

I vote Nana And Kaiser 

Leanne J says:

The rats totally won.🐭🎆🏆

Singsong Jiang says:

The both win in their different ways

Joaquin Matthew Yonzon says:

The dog and cat

d4445 aj says:

poor raven 😮 i miss her already +NanaBorderCollie,

Spygirl1776 Aj says:


Kurt Himme says:



Kylan McPherson says:

Raven lived a long life

Nikki Suelmann says:

rats win

Zhën Jï (Emily) says:

all of them won

Susan Hernandez says:

sorry that Raven die how did she/he die

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