Dog Yoga: Pup Is Really Happy To Be In His Mom’s Yoga Workout | The Dodo

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Love Animals? SUBSCRIBE: | This dog probably doesn’t know what yoga is, but he wants to do it because his mom is. See more pets doing yoga here:

Video by: Mary Beth Dickerson

Video footage provided by: Jukin Media

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For the love of animals. Pass it on.

Pup Is Really Happy To Be In His Mom’s Yoga Workout


Saurabh Kumar says:

very naice pic

Crom Cruach says:

The words yoga and workout were not visible and with that thumbnail i thought the dog was in something else.

Jake Paul Sucks says:

Just another day in the life of a person.

Negromancer says:

If I was that dog I'd be gettin some.

Ks Karthi says:

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Maria Yanez says:

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Phulchand Patel says:

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Vishnu Patel says:

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K Ben says:

Posing with your dog as if you were having an erotic sex session is not really " Pup Is Really Happy To Be In His Mom's Yoga Workout". Keep it real Dodo, no need to jump overboard and drown yourself.

Detivicastro Mendes says:

desfaz estas se nas

Kesav Singh says:

ram ram sha

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