Dog’s dream comes true!

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ABOUT THE VIDEO: Our dog’s dream came true when a local tennis instructor gave us 300 used tennis balls. “Jackpot!


Liam Funnyman says:

That's a lot of tennis balls.

Critique808 says:

Looks like a dog's nightmare. lol

Bradley Poulette says:

How the media feels waking up every morning these days…

SharpWingMCG says:

thank goodness it wasnt a brazilian man being stabbed.

TrueTikTak says:


Mis Mage Skillz says:

peanut butter on my balls let the dog lick it

Dreadxs says:

remember when clickbait was just about putting a cat in the thumbnail?yeah good old days

Michschnei says:

It's raining baalls! Alleluia it's raining baaalls, yeyeeeah!

_DeathWatch_ says:

Balls, bitches love balls.

Sanna Vee says:

When 9 years old videos appear in your feed.

Personalejcr says:

Isn't this like a tennis player dream?

Uncle Ryan says:

I wonder if that dog is still alive?

Phil Swaim says:

The boy's dream came true too. Kids are like dogs when it comes to these types of events.

breanna Burrell says:

you should watch : funny dogs sliding on wooden floors conplaition

breanna Burrell says:

lol omg its halarious to bad i dont live with my dog

Railfan of 2017 says:

This is so funny :B

Akiza Izinski says:

What the fuck is that kid doing on the floor at the end? lol

torpedoxturtle says:

fuk yea, i was the 44,444th like

nepimic notmyname says:

he's like
yes, but wheres MY ball??

TheBettaShow says:

It's raining balls

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