Elephants Dance At Dehiwala National Zoo (Sri Lanka)


Fathima Yadeghi says:



Did anybody mark the pain these elephants are getting particularly in their tail ?
It's animal cruelty, the Sri Lankan government should stop this

Smiley says:

why do the humans need spears?! leave the elephants alone

sajeesh k says:

bloody bitch humans..

Jenny Reyes says:

elephant they r intelligent .. but hoping they will not abused the animals to entertain the people

ViGa 1989 says:

I guess those children dont wanna see why they are dancing

ViGa 1989 says:


They dont behave like tht in the wild right?! They also dont carry Tourists on their back in the wild…its a very violent procedure !!

Dilki Nikita says:

Sad poor elephants

Na Na says:

poor elephants 🙁

shriyah chary says:

kill those dam humans who illtreat elephants….. monsters all of them …. what is PETA doing? Shame on Humans

Geraldine Daly says:

Had to turn this horrible video off. Can't watch this cruel spectacular…..those beautiful animals were tortured in order to get them to perform like that. Those nasty men with their sticks to inflick pain on those terrified elephants not to mention the ignorant spectators. Heartbreaking

Kim Li says:

Congratulations!!! Looks cool!!!

Μητσος pak says:

Γιατι τα πειραζετε τα ζωα τι σας φταινε, θελω να καξω ολη την ινδια να γινει σταχτη στις φλογες γαμω το σπιτι σας

Aubrey Martinez says:

Is the tail holding something they do naturally or is that a trick

shubham singh says:

Shubham Patel

Tomedi Kedi says:

Hi friends, how are you answer that you watch what country I'm watching the turkey litf

God 's own Country says:

watch the mass version of elephant at kerala

Nishadi Dinushika says:

Poor animals. ..I am feel very sad…

Reptilien N2788 says:

Fucking asian rats , need to nuke them all

Funny Video Zone says:

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