Entertainment For Cats – Hour Long Video of Entertainment For Cats To Watch

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Most videos are only 10 minutes, maybe 30. This one is packed with a full hour of reality tv bliss for your furbaby. This is the ultimate entertainment for cats to watch.

I think I’ve had my cat watch every video entertainment for cats out there.

Entertainment for cats birds and winterbirds entertainment for cats got my cat much more excited than watching a video providing entertainment for cats mice or even entertainment for cats fish.

I hope you enjoy this as much as my baby boo boo does. 🙂

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may joey says:

ya..mine too…. she knows this crap is fake…

Evan Collins-powney says:

Same! Thanks for showing this video,I've got two tonkinese cats,and one of them,acttually sacked the TV (because i got a Chrome Cast box)screen with its paw! Poor things,they think it's in real life. 😯😯😦😦

Richard Battle says:

it isn't high definition enough to fool my cat

Sebastian michalies says:

my cat was sleeping/half asleep

Etienne Doerr says:

My cat is not interested in this. Then again she is ten pounds overweight and is almost 19…

Jason Beckham says:

My cat doesn't respond lol.. Only a little bit, then she left.

Aliyah's Life says:

my cat just kept walking across the type board and it spelled zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz then i said oh you want to go to sleep?

Craig Dunson says:

my 15 year old cat leaped off the couch, plopped down in front of the TV, entranced by this video, and has yet to move from her spot. She loves it. Thank you!

YunG AciDeX Ace says:

My cat wouldn't look at my phone

sky_ Wolfgaming says:

My cat midnight loved it she taped the screen on the tablet 💖💖💕😍

dattajack says:


PlayPc Bariloche says:

This video makes feel nervous to my cat, hehe… she's touching the screen haha!

Zhou Yi says:

My cat responded to meows and bird flaps in video at first. But later she found they are fake and stopped responding. She can distinguish real sound and faked ones.

victor saturn says:

I'm srry, Bob(my tiny, grey kitten) was on my side as we watched this. if I could contain my movement from laughing, he would watch and try to paw at my phone, it works.

lucas potter says:

and then the cat went under the couch

Nuk Somboon says:

I didn't put this on for a cat. I just wanted to see how it was. I don't even have a cat

Devorah Devitt says:

love cats but i dont believe they would appreciate birds on film.

Ricky Wolf says:

My kitten watched quietly, my middle Maine Coon cat stretched as far as he could, then looked behind the monitor, and my eldest tortoiseshell stared for ages, reached out a paw, looked for a tactical way to sneak around, then realized it was a fake and ran off pouting.

Jessica Frizzy says:

My cat was not interested at all

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