EPIC Cat Fight Compilation!

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Cole VS Marmalade! … Marmalade was recently diagnosed with cancer, Marm also tested positive for FIV, which is the likely cause that he became sick so early on in life.

Obviously this has been a difficult time for us, but we’ve always admired Marm’s fighting spirit, when we first introduced him to Cole he never backed down and was a tough little kitten, so we began to call him MARMALION! … With chemotherapy in his future I put together Cole and Marmalade’s best fight clips into one video for you to enjoy and to remind us that he’s still got a lot of fight in him and he’s gonna be a survivor!

Thank you to everybody for your support! 🙂

*Cole tested negative for FIV
More info about FIV: http://www.vet.cornell.edu/FHC/health_resources/brochure_fiv.cfm

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Ben Drowned says:

Top 10 anime fights

kishhann kitchen sink says:

Background sound was real funny I love this video and thanks for you videos

Rod Schermerhorn says:

So funny and clever how you did it lol

Pip Smith says:

Did he have sex with a monkey?

Lauren of agentlewomanandascholar says:

Never mess with a ginger, my 5 month old ginger kitten just put my 10 month black one in the vets with a bad bite. They are fierce little creatures with the hearts of tigers. I hope your little one beats his cancer xxxx

Jayda Smalls says:

Video: his
:me what
Video: name
Me: uh why
Video: is
Video: marmalade
Me: even better

cat guy says:

hi I have 9 card and one has cancer so I will support his right for cancer end made me cry :, (

Philgeta says:

And so after cancer fell on the battlefield, Marmalion turned his attention back to the only worthy opponent he's ever met, the one called Cole!

Jasna Resetar says:

Orange cat is win

Vanessa Tepolt says:

Anyone else think Marmalade would be a good warrior? I think a good name would be Citrusclaw or Citrusstrike.

Skylie says:

0:52 SURPRISE!!!!!!!!!!!

Tyrano Toys says:

You ate right Rumiala

4RedDwarf3 says:

Marmalade is a pussy cat, not a predator.

Tyrano Toys says:

Soooooooooooooooooooooooooo Cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuutttttttttttttttteeeeeeee

SonyVegasPete says:

You couldn't have found a better soundtrack to this video if you tried. That was perfect. Great synchronized editing as well.

THA BEAST589 says:

0:52 What the fuck

Angel rose says:

Aww marmalade all grown up. Absolutely adorable.

Super Mario says:

Godzilla vs kingadorah 😂😂

DoodleGod420 says:

1:33 At that moment.. he realized..he fucked up

Theria Williams says:


EtharViolo 21 says:

When later R.I.P Marmalade

Irma Gabrichidze says:

noob that snot real roar! that cat actually said miv! and you cut the moments where he or she won! nooooob lol why we have to support for noob! 😀

Eddie Verevis says:


jayden shanks says:

That's a cute cat

Trevor Jones says:

Cole is handsome.

Mercy Olaka says:

Back seat feeling like a charter plane


firestar vs scourge

Shaukat ali shah says:

Light vs dark

Technical Support & Entertainment says:


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