Fighting cats! Attack of cats on dogs, attack on people! Aggressive cats!


kontrast 204 says:

3:41 dog regretted it after haha that noise

kontrast 204 says:

@;05 lol cats a pricks lol

kontrast 204 says:

1:28 cat is solid damn

Cherry Rockstar says:

Did that Mom just leave her son on the ground after getting bit by the dog?

Chai Moreo says:

They're lucky that they came across rather tolerant dogs. 🙂

Madison Crosby says:

I would smack the shit out of that white cat that kept biting over and over

tgsvhe dasda says:

Does the cat play6:50?

Zach Ferguson says:

3:20 who else would kill that dog?

Kawaii Dreams :3 says:

1:50 is disgusting. The guy who kicked the cat is horrible, even I know when a dog sees a cat, the dogs owner should stray the dog away from it! Or just simply shoo the cat off not kick it!!! So cruel 😡

pop nick says:

2:41 im so weakkk the cat making noises 😂😂🙃

resting bitchface says:

how can cats have yrust when there owners laugh when its faced with a fucking bear fucking bitch

GreenGoblinKush says:

thats nothing i watched a cat try to attack a croc

ottocb22 says:

people just laugh at these cats lmao I would fuck those cats up

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