Foster Kitten Does The Scary Cat Dance

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Our VOKRA foster kitten Strawberry does his crazy, scary cat dance while playing with his siblings. The 7 Adorable Kittens and their feral mum were rescued from a fish plant and the kittens have been in our foster care for about 2 weeks. For more of their videos please click on the following link, thanks!


20PINKluvr says:

OMG I love it when kittens do this

Louise Stoke says:

I call that the "crab walk" !!!! But no matter it is called, it is always a guaranteed laugh !!!!

KailaTheCovertOne says:

A lot of energy lol

Nat Amaral says:

Such a funny angry dancer

superman stinks says:

it's so cute

Sandra Huerta says:

That loud noise at the end… is the kitten all right?

celinne700 says:

That's no scary dance….dude is tap dancing! Actually it is known as "arch your back and shake your rump" tap dancing and it's catching on among trend setting cats.

Honeneko says:

At some point this video will get a dislike. But what do you really expect to see when you see a video with a title like this? Was it too cute? Really makes you wonder what goes through people's heads.

Fivel and Soteline says:

This is the cutest dance I have seen in a while 😀 It made my day.

Sierras 1160 says:

"Be afraid! Be very afraid!" Says the cute little kitten. "Mew!"

For The Love Of Animals says:

Oh NO!!!!! It;s the Pogo Stick Dance~~~ OY!

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