Fox vs. Cat


H V says:

the foxes and coyotes want that the cats and dogs chase them out of the view of people to kill them

Abhilash Chandran says:

fox is scared cats not

none bussiness says:

the other cat wouldve came to her aid

Roberti Dania says:

Not many punches were thrown or landed. It was a feeling out round.

Destro Sparos says:

lol that was a thuglife

Haneen Alkamil says:

so foxes bark

Mister Fox says:

The Cat was in a crowd unfair!

Dave says:

that cat swipes faster than Bruce Lee

fpsfreak says:

wow fox got super close.

Aria Trunajaya says:

Lol that wolf scard because cat 2 and fox1 lol

James Shelnutt says:

The fox must have figured it just was not worth it. or that his chances were slim. I bet if he'd gone all out & just flew at the cat biting & scratching he'd have won the food – although with a few bite marks on his face to show for his reward.

Mr Tibbs says:

fucking nasty cats at least they got a warm home and get hand fed daily unlike that poor fox fucking hate cats horrid things

flyhelo60L says:

This is how the Maywether vs McGregor fight will be…duck and jab

Hank Napesis says:


Kawaii Whale says:

If I was a cat I would have pounced that b**

Candy Art K says:

Fuck you cat!

Saul Hernandez says:

the fox is like fuck this am out

rangerwett says:

the other car was like "puurfect dinner and a show"

小倉唯ε€ͺιƒŽ says:

Is this a metal gear solid?

Marjorie Ramshaw says:

which stupid pleb set this up

Laugh A lot says:

The black cat is gonna jump in at the end. lmao!!!

Dr. handles says:

the cat wasn't even worried about it.

Andres Fernandez says:

0:45 El zorro se va porque olio el humano gravando, mas no
por el solo gato con postura defensiva en este caso.

palacespot2 says:

The cat had "cat like" reflexes! Man, he or she was quick!

itsHoshi Kouii says:

cat: ILL FIGHT U… BUt iM Not GeTtInG Up.

gerald swanson says:

Unbelievable. I can not imagine filming one of my pets while a fox approaches.

Hebrew Thought says:

Where I am from the cats are meals for the foxes. A fox family moved across the street from my Dad and mom's house. I watch the young ones play with the dead cat carcasses all the time

Brent A. Wells says:

Not today Satan

bugsta2012 says:

Wow that's a fast right hook

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