Funky Cat Maybe version 2

This is the full version of the Funky Cat Maybe video.

I have no idea who made this, or what the name of the song is. I found the torrent for it on an image board a long time ago.


Acyka Visual Novel says:

thanks peppy

sailormoonfan2016 says:

First the end trouble you studied many
Even tomorrow will make efforts
Day sets and the time of the under school,
Stepping on the shadow that grow I will come back cheerfully
However, I wait a little bit, I see the surroundings, is not it strange something?
The thing that attached to the head be what?
The thing that protruded prettily be what?
Be careful! Fellows are coming to there.
Escape early! Fellows are next to you.
Do it! Attach the [either he says “ear”, or “something”] of a cat!
Do it! Attach the [same as above] of a cat!
[The Chorus-y Part]
Raise both hands! (Highly toward the sky!)
Raise both hands! (More highly toward the sky!)
Raise both hands! (Highly toward the sky!)
Raise both hands! (More highly toward the sky!)

After the odd instrumental, it repeats the same way.

I found this…

Zeles says:

freaking horror movie

Plasma Dragoon says:

I just downloaded this song's beatmap on osu! today!

AngryJellyfish says:

10 year anniversary!

MrOmegatronic says:

I'm on the cute side of Youtube again.

DJMetalstone says:

Wth did I just watch and why is it so catchy even tho I can't understand a word xD

Hunson Abadeer says:

Anyway………they have 4 ears……..a little odd

Eduardo Lopez says:

LOL!!! I like Funkycat

Justin Kolata says:

If "Thriller" had alien catgirls instead of zombies.

Suiseisexy says:

Reminds me of playing FFXI and getting swag gear for the first time. I think I also found that imageboard link the OP found in 2004/5. Or did I get this off Winny? Nobody ever really knew who made this, I think.

Skylar Payton says:

its broken english…

「JazzStationNeo」 says:


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