Funny and Cute Cat Videos – Cats and Owners are the best friends

Funny and CUte Cat Videos – Cats and Owners are the best friends

1. Best Of Dog And Baby Videos Compilation

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MixedTube says:

I miss my boy he was killed by dogs and I was hearing his cry…

Liliana Bedoya G. says:

Nuestros amores gatunos.

past the breakers says:

Cat with fried rice and eggroll.

Shantwana Dash says:

Miss my Ghulus 😘

Alessandra Accarigi says:

Che meraviglia!❤❤❤😘

Ange Ange says:

Wonderfull! Thank you from Belgium

ミナペン says:

え、めっちゃかわいい( ˙꒳​˙ )

Carrie Connolly says:

How is 0:47 funny or cute? Someone needs to poke that human in the face. Preferably with a hot poker.

John Johnston says:

It’s weird seeing Orientals keeping cats as pets as opposed to a food source 🤷‍♂️

Bhavani Udhayasai says:

very cute ….

Ephie Kay Art ist says:

aww so cute

Ivy Hhh says:

Cats can wink!

If I was a cat I would pet you too says:

These are super cute and fluffy I just want to hug them all

ame buta says:

this is the most shity cruel video iv seen ..
these videos go deeper then 5 second shots.

Sara Gabil says:

Aww..cats r so adorable 😘😘😘

Grettel Arellano says:

Jejeje aawww son preciosos los gatitos :3 y tan graciosos x)

bjcaptain says:

2:06 Guy's reaction is priceless SO HILARIOUS!!!!

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