Funny Cat Attacks Bedsheets

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This is what happens anytime I try to take my bedsheets off to do the laundry. Pudge the cat sees the bed sheets moving and tries to attack them! Sometimes the moving sheets will even scare Pudge and she’ll run away!

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Shuhada fatihah says:

your pudge looks like garlfield

robyn garrett says:

I had a cat that would never let go of the sheets i mean ALL the way to the laundry room then i had to undo her claws lol cute video!!

Jon Kavanagh says:

I have a cat who looks like pudge, same personality too. Her name is ruby

Domestic Cat Diary says:

Lovely cat 😉

heygodareyouready says:

Our youngest cat LOVES bedding sheets and carpets. She goes crazy rolling and scratching and pulling them.

Luisfius says:

And her grumpnoises.

Luisfius says:

I love Pudge

SnappleButt says:

Oooh I love her face. 

Patterns of Life 12 says:

I had a cat that would "help" me make the bed LOL 

Super Epic Cats says:

Pudge + sheets = amazing!

stephanie benesch says:

Great video Pudge! (& Pudge's Mom) making the bed is always a good time for kittehs!

Casandraelf says:

pudge not only sounds cute, she looks cute too ^^

btw, are we gonna see any more PIY?

Courtney Carter says:

the little sounds that Pudge makes are just too adorable <3 🙂

Lisanne says:

Pudge is soo adorable!!

Musia says:

Pudge is so cute ! Funny Video 😹

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