Funny Cat Jump Fail Compilation

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Funny Cat Jump Fail Compilation
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Miner says:

The first one the cat died

Miriam Berghaus-Renz says:

your Videos are shit like your mum

unikitty yay says:

How did they miss the smallest jumps ever so sad 😿😿😿😿😹

Pookie says:

Cats have feelings too…

Elio Strangio says:


the richalon says:

i love kitties and cats i actually have one hes a maine coon, male,8 months old and hes so adorable

Clarissa Romero says:

Que lindos gatitos💘❤❤💘👄💋.

Tweets says:


We have a wild monkey.

Floyd Harris says:

Safe life repair, safe life replace: SMACK!! 😂😂😂😂

the pollish ra t ass rat says:


Angel Sweet says:

When your friends get scared when you do an attempt 5:03

María Ojeda says:

as un video de los gatos saltan donde sus dueños no lo dejan

baitul hikmah says:

i love watching cat

Cats Got Your Tongue says:

isn't it absolutely hilarious that when a dog falls or does something people just rush to their aid in her just like oh are you okay you poor little baby but when cats fall or do something then everybody just cracks up and doesn't try to help them?

Lori Thompson says:

Kitties are my friends, and God made them a sweet animal.

LicoricePeppermint says:

Sometimes I wonder if they even try

John rodriger says:

00:53 me and my life goals😓

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