Funny Cat Murlock Noise – LOL


dylan calder says:

i thought he was gonna make murloc sounds like MUURRRRRGLLLLE

ilili says:

You realize you're masturbating it don't you?

NoMoreSpanking spanking says:

He's arm is a drug

prateek dey says:

cat on drugs???

Michael Fischer says:

anal glands needs expressed

Zersdan C12 says:

0:34 Melvin!

Ibraheem Al hadede says:

-this is my cat comment.

Zersdan C12 says:

0:24 Charge!

mata schmata says:

Omfg… It's holding onto your arm.. ;w; so cute!

samspace81 says:

He sounds really cute lol My cat video is going viral, its crazy! Check it out – Four Cats and a Bobcat make a FUNNY video ๐Ÿ™‚ – Sam

pinalo2009 says:

murlock, what is?!

kaosgoblin says:

You realize you are sexually stimulating your cat, right?

murat dogusan says:

lsd… not even once…

IN160991 says:

Why are you fingering your cat?

Xam Vegerspag says:

0:19 soooooo cute!

Sammy Moore says:

cant stop playing this haha its so funny i well want that cat! ๐Ÿ™‚

Nicholas Guerra says:

XD!!!!i couldn't stop laughing and watching this 2

EpicGamingProHD says:

Nooo ! My cat dosen't!;-)

Pedro Amaro says:

All cats do that when you scratch next to their tail -.-

Rotard12a says:

This video is a lot less funny after reading your post ๐Ÿ™

Cobalt Flash says:

Ching a Wang Wong a chong.

cowyee2000 says:


Gina Hsiao says:

ๅ“ˆๅ“ˆ~ ้‚„่ ปๅฏๆ„›ไบ†~

andrielisilien says:

I do the same thing when someone tickles me. XD

Marie Terry says:

he's itchy, has fleas or mange. biting his arms and has fur missing above eyes

blackcat89 says:

This cat has autism

setio ryski says:

dubstep cat

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