Funny Cats And Dogs Part 5 – Funny Cats vs Dogs – Funny Animals Compilation

Funny Cats And Dogs Part 5 – Funny Cats vs Dogs – Funny Animals Compilation

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Sathiesh Kumar says:

MISS.princess promise says:

5:49 tho dog wins k.o

Ujjwal Saha says:


Sam Senger says:

it's a bad ass instinct (or plain stupidity) to pounce and go for the jugular… even if your opponent is way bigger and can kick your ass if he/she wanted to

Mohan Sarthi Mohan Sarthi says:

कुत्ता गांडू है.

Jakub Wolny says:

2.06 haha boom Gong beng

goran radinovic says:

5:36 What a fight !

裕也黒崎裕也 says:


Priti Adak says:

So cute is not it??🐕🐕🐕🐈🐈🐈🐈

ahamad bilal says:

Ma sha's cute to see how dogs and cats enjoy life. And see how humans treat each other ?? Now a days animals show more maturity than humans…

Arya Jadhav says:

my love is cat i hate dog

GODZELLDA 13 says:

Fuck cat win

Sajith Sojan says:

please watch my cat and dog videos in my channel

Universal Gal says:

Love watching cats and dogs they tickle your funny bone

Jay Dutta says:

4:20 I died off laughter.. That cat got some boxing skills for real 😂😂😂

Independent Technologies says:

Best video I have ever seen

Robby Robinson says:


Digvijay Fand says:


Yungmu says:



1'9 is not funny

ARMAN khan says:

it vary funny video

Anes Maharjan says:

🐈🐱 vs🐕🐶

Kevin Huerta says:


Ruksar Tousif says:

WOW 😹😹😹😹😹😻

Psychokitten113 says:

at least the dogs know who is boss – the cat!!! ….

Gabby Dickson says:

Hello cat's and dog's

Aliquando Insanire Iucundum Est says:

I hate cats from the bottom of my heart.

Mala Gupta says:

cats are so wicked and smarter than the poor dogs. Dogs are more affectionate but are stupid.

Arman Khan says:

I love this video

chad brewer says:

Love ❤️ you

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