Funny Cats Annoying Babies and Babies Annoying Cats (PART 05) – Youtube

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Funny Cats Annoying Babies and Babies Annoying Cats (PART 05) – Youtube

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Влад Томаков says:

живадёры суки падлы

Selina Egunjobi says:

This is the worst video that I have seen yet! Animal abuse to say the least and none of these parents should be allowed to own any animal until they teach their kids how to treat them. The one little girl will eventually kill that kitten and it was disturbing to see her choke, beat it up and throw it somewhere. Just what is wrong with these irresponsible parents???? Pathetic…

hayden h20 says:

Stop animals abuse !!

مهدي يحيى says:


unknownshephered - Dog sim online says:

0:24 Lol xD so funny

Dengo Ana says:

Discute eu tô bêbada. Aí ui gostoso que namora com mogo

Любовь Михеева says:

Кто. Обежает. Котов

Σουλης Mitsarakis says:

Πατα καλα τα ΝΙΚΕ γιατη θα σου σβησει η μηχανη"

مسلم باسم says:


Lady Destruction says:

En algunos videos maltratan a los gatitos, padres de mierda

Maria Elena Nieves says:

La niña segunda se paso le tiro a un gatito bebe

Miles North says:

Kids mean to animals=stupid parents raising future psycho killers. Nice. Morons.

Har Vey says:

I thought there's someone typing on our convo… 5:08

James Rea says:

Cute ❤👍😸😛☺😊😀

Ranmini Wij says:

Jesus !!! What the hell those parents were thinking . Poor kittens . How would babies know kittens are not toys if dumb ass parents keep laughing at it!!

YaBoi Jc says:

The baby is fucking biting a cats tail and then it's head u gotta put the baby away from the cat cuz the cat can get a big wound easily sorry I'm overprotective with animals

Fabienne Meder says:

C'est une torture pour les chats

Fabienne Meder says:

C'est une honte de filmer des chats avec des bébés

Chrisadam Ago says:


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