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Zewroz APA says:

this video suck balls

Lindsay barbie says:

i love cats is so so cute

Brayden Bryant says:

this is so boring  i didnt eaven laugh 1ce i am not shorwe if i want to see number 3 or not

Cookies Life says:

0:59 is how my flame point siamese cat Q-tip acts. (He wont drink water out of his bowl) #catsrule

Cookies Life says:

I think the first video was better, but still good! #soso

Anna Kaganer says:

It is SO funny!!!!!!

glenn Aitchison says:

ha ha ha  silly cats are so silly and silly ha ha ha ha ha

Nic Cummins says:


Sumayya Amin says:

The first one was better

Alisakinz says:

I love cats! I love laughing! This is a perfect channel to go to whenever ur sad! 🙂

GameGetting Girl says:

My father just passed away & i was need something to lift my spirits & you have accomplished that. Thank you so much, funny stuff!

Tony Tony says:

I like kitty kitty meow meow meow kitty kitty

Shaz Zy says:

Nothing's funny

hannah marsh says:

Not as funny as the last one!!!

Macaleb Morgan says:

funny cats sre awesome

SalinerTheWeiner says:

I didn't laufh as much as the other video

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