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Hilarious funny cat videos of funny cats who don’t like their owners singing. Cats hate singing in this try not to laugh funny cats compilation.

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Alt Centrist Lilly says:

the 1st cat sounds broken

foxy miko says:

what the fuck is going on during 6:22 lmao that sounds demonic

Zyung Xioe says:

3:27 im so dead from laughther than that cat attack that girl for singing justin bieber song xD

adamatos271 says:

6:35 = most people on Monday

Sabah Aaliya Tasbeeh says:

same things happened to my cat as well..each time i sang it slapped me on my face direct lol…FYI i sing wonder why it hated me singing lmao

Les Amis de la cuisine provençale says:

1:41 Are you mad in your head ???? Enough is enough !

Marus Jan says:



She just let her cat put their shitty kitty liter paws on her mouth 🙁

WahranRai says:

1:24 The cat told him to shut up !!!: and
1:41 he forced him to shut up showing him he is not joking !!!

Aica the Animator says:

I on the cats side on this one…

Psychic Spies says:

1:40 😂😂😂

Henry Kinssinger says:

"When I bite you,,,the pain is equavalent to the pain my ears must endure"

Henry Kinssinger says:

Lol that 1st cat 'noooo oh plz stop ,,,,omg stop,,,,,ahhhhh stoooop"

SincererHeart45 says:

6:13 That cat is horrified.

Silent Siren says:

Cats could run the x factor

Power Respect says:

You give me yummy food and biscuits, but fuck for the love of god! shut that hole in your face!!!

Son Goku says:

6:08 Demon's calling

The Clungster says:

6:15 If zombies were drunk together with a microphone singing to a cat.

Hiyori Koi says:

I could be those cats too 😂😂

Hiyori Koi says:

"Just the way you are" wasn't that bad qwq

CoyoteWildFlower says:

Majyk loves for me to sing, he was sitting in my lap watching this, a little way in he hopped down and stalked off, radiating disgust in every hair.

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