Funny Cats Protecting Babies Compilation (2017)

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Funny and cute cats protecting babies. Cats protect babies compilation! Try not to laugh or say aww!

Puppies & Babies & Kitties OH MY! New videos all the time!

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Robyn Swain says:

2:37 I died of cuteness

Dee B says:

When cold, frigid temps keep me inside, babies and kittens keep me warm!🤗

Dmitri Kozlowsky says:

White angora and baby playing by and with stove, with boiling pot on range, is stupid bad idea and bad parenting. Both should be taught to stay away and kept away. 1:40 is evidence.

Lili Teo says:

0:49 Cat: Woah, stay still smol hooman

Madhusudan Sawaiyan says:

That cats are so cute

Елена Семенова says:

С рыжим котом перебор"

Tony Nguyen says:

I feel bad for all tge stray wild cats

Eva Cham says:

1:53 aww…xo cute 😊😚😘❤😍

TheLance3185 says:

Sweet kitties.

Tina Marie Farmer says:

awww snuggle butts

jj b says:

Ex gf cat attacked me one time out of no where, never been able to trust a cat to this day.

valerie brunner says:

I thought cats hate babies….. Guess they don't


I want a cat and dog that will protect my baby brother but the dog we have is old and takes me as his alpha and won’t train easily it took me 1to2 weeks to train him to sit

dayanna prudencio says:

Who would dislike this? Wow… SO ADORABLE!!!!

Andreas Cristan says:

Omg 666 dislikes


Date Masamune says:

666 dislikes? The devil disliked this video.

Monkooze Tees says:

I owe my aloofness to the Cat that raised me..

Ponny Sagita says:

cats are homie animal.

Alpha1 Omega2 says:

As cute as this compilation was, there was one scene that is a dangerous one for infants. Allowing that big cat to lay on top of the baby. Yes, I realize the parents were there watching, but west happens when the cat does it again while the parents are in the other room for a length of time and the infant stops breathing? Babies lungs are still in the developing stage and if the slightest pressure is applied to their chest, they could sufficate. This is advice they new parents should take seriously. Also avoid sleeping in bed with your infant next to you. This is another deadly crisis that will scar your heart, mind and soul.

SuperBrina 12987 says:

2:04 I heard of babies die because of cats laying on them or their faces because babies are nice and warm. They suffocate

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