Funny dogs annoying cats – Cute animal compilation

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We saw you liked our compilation ‘Cats annoying dogs’, so we made a new one, ‘Dogs annoying cats’! So now you can see that dogs can also be annoying sometimes and like to play with bored cats 😛 Hope you like our compilation, please share it and SUBSCRIBE! Watch also our other videos!

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Chibi Sanyo says:

I can't help, but think of Conker's Bad Fur Day when I hear this music 😹

Necrophobical says:

3:57 Soo… Now we know where catdog comes from.

Lone Wulfe says:

2:15 Draw me like one of your French girls.

ShreddNugent says:

This music is fucking annoying.

Joshua Roe says:


Dog: "A**hole"

laura plume says:

The black dog thinking that's one evil cat I mean the green eyes must take it out lol

44excalibur says:

Damn, that cat at 3:30 looks like it's shooting death rays out of its eyes! lol

44excalibur says:

The cat at 1:50 is being patient as hell with that dog. lol

sambhab sambit Mishra says:


ultramarineblue says:

the last dog is my favorite

Assallamu allikum Kw says:

supar dog cat

Jose Magana says:

muybonita dibersion muy sana

Joyce Bennett says:

love my cat taste like tuna

creepy creatures reviews says:

oh my god – the music. Unbelievebly bad.

Nrg Bunni says:

That last cat looked like it was enjoying it's bath

rina rina says:

jadne mace sa prljavim psima kako ova dva kucna ljubimca ne treba Meša ti u domu,jedino ko ima dvoriste moze da drzi macku u domu odnosno u sobi a psa u kuci verovatno ce mace pobeci iz kuce gde su izlozene mucenju od strane psa a samim tim i od domacina sto je dozvolio ovo maltetiranje maca zalosno 😥 jadne mace,Osim toga plasila bi se Bozije kazne,.Macke su mudre i pametne i veoma izuzetno ciste zivotinje i imaju samo jednog partnera kada se pare uprkos psima bljak ,nema nista protiv pasa i onu su verni prijatelji ali ni u kom slucaju ne treba spajat u sobi ova kucna ljubimca,Osim toga mace vole mir svoj da imaju one vole da mudruju u svom miru i odmoru ,dok im psi remete njihov mir jer je priroda psa nestasna .

Nate gough says:

cat owners when cats annoy dogs: lol he's owning that stupid mutt
cat owners when dogs annoy cats: OH NO MY POOR FLUFFY POO HOW DARE YOU!!!!111

Souz Achter de api says:

That black long hair cat is beautifull wauw

амалия шарам шарам says:

Это конечно хорошо что кошка и собака живут под одной крышкой в мире й согласий ну я шитаю это опасно

Chibi Wolf says:

Conkers bad fur day

Zollee says:

Conkers bad furday ? LooooooooL Am good music :D

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