Funny, smart cat. Abyssinian opens drawer to get her toys

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Smart Abyssinian cat. Ripley saw where her toys are kept and figured out a way to get to them by opening the drawer and grabbing what she wants.


Artúr Nagy says:

May I ask, what is the title of the music ?

J Wildy says:

That is amazing to me… undaunted by drawers… gently trying different angles, and then finally – the leap into the drawer! Good for you for having toys she must really like!

Gatorade says:

What a smart kitty. 😻😻

operacat1 says:

Isn't that cute!!!!

Bettina Eicher says:

Cats are very intelligent animals…

omer973 says:

Wow what a smart cat SMH. Please go check out what ants and bees do

kitty62862 says:

I thought bengals were bad! 😂

GAm a says:

why do you have so many iphone and ipad boxes ?

Alastair Paisley says:

My Burmese used to do this. RIP Samantha.

RC&NanTik says:

Abyssinian cats are very bright. Mine knows how pull the rubber a certain way on the bottom of both our refrigerators to open them. so now we have to put something against the doors, especially at night. She also knows how to unzip cooler bags. She do anything for food and treats. I know you yours grabbed with her front paws and pushed with her back legs, very smart. Mine also had the same type of toy. She will carry it everywhere haha. More so when she was a kitten though. She will be 2 in June. I have a couple videos posted. Thanks for sharing 😀

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