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Kezzakit Kalala says:

😻cats are attached to their people at a location and dogs are attached to their admirers in any location🐶

Turtle_ Lover_ says:

Laughed so hard last scene

bean3grl bean3grl says:


Amber Dokter says:

die vrouw dien in haar kat zijn hoofd beet is gestoord dat doe je toch niet !!!!!

Gary Wright says:

soooooo cute and funny

Tawfiq Alsibahy says:


Randy Petrini says:

these are a big pack of balls

Tanaelf #B3ARS says:


Rafael Elias says:

dont morde a cabesa

Lori Makuch says:

I believe I can fly!!♥♥

‫علي العسيرري‬‎ says:

محد يعرف وش اقول الحين من ههههههههههه

Jessy Bartles says:

I tried trtel cat with my kitten

Ira Ankle says:

i just wish my gecko could fly

jennifer micheal says:

Hi! I and you love cat! Let go to at: #Top70FunniestCatVideos

Evil Kitties Wear Bowties says:

That last one doe xD 

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