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Oliver - Kun says:

Awwwww! So cute! Cia.

Alex Lewallen says:

spiderman bruhs

Nathan B says:


Nathan Walsh says:

lol cant sit laughing

Suna says:

I love cats, most funny but the one I found sad was the one where they covered the cat flap with cellophane. Cruel. The cat could have been in a fight, wanting to run away from it (you could see that it was stressed out and wanting to come inside fast) and then it couldn't. 🙁

Ella Davidson says:

this is SOOO funny! i cant stop laughing

susan Novac says:

they're just hurting themselves, not particularly funny.

Carter Limb says:

so many door cats

emerson de silva says:

Super boring!:)

ASwearGirlIsHere101 says:

it is sad and funny but i can stop saying to myself ''do not laugh it must of hurt it's self''

ItzHailey4Realz says:

I could not stop laughing

Monique Rodriguez says:

I love almost all of these videos! They are great!

Jae Herbst says:




Ann Marie Michaels says:

At 0:57 um 3 cats is crasy you need 2 like me 😇Lucy in LA here

Charity Frady says:

Get a six month subscription to hulu at a huge discount.  No scam!!! Just follow the link and see.

Alva OLeary says:

Don't be haten but that was funny and sad

ItzEmmaProductions! TM says:

Okay , Yes most of them got hurt and it looks really sad , I had a dog that fell on his back really hard , and he didn't even look like he got hurt, so most of those cats are fine , sure you can fight with me but they don't get super hurt !! They just fall ! It's not like there going to DIE ! Like I said my dog fell on his back , he was perfectly. Fine , and he's a really small dog & if you don't like the video don't watch it!!!!

Lachlan Diefenbach says:

That was so funny and cute at the same time lol!

Jeremiah Perales says:

And thank you for this hullares video

Jeremiah Perales says:

The first video was so funny I laughed really hard lol

Danny Bounden says:

Cats always land on their feet lol great vid

Cassy G says:

Sooooo cute


That was stupid and mean

Stephanie Busse says:

sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo sad what if they got hurt

Xavier Flanery says:

that was cuot

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