tpilk263 says:

Epic so cool!!!!!

GemSilky says:

Cool for cats! Clever and interesting . Like!

xXxelliexXx13 says:

everything is good..except the flashing..SEIZURE HAZARD!

Jae Moon says:

omg i'm hysterical!

Elijah Rosenn says:

What a cute video! I agree that this needs more views! Maybe you should add more to the title like Dancing Cat Techno or something 🙂

max temporary says:

This deserves more views!!! lol Awsome art work you did there.

shinda hikari says:

good dancer <3

Tessa B says:

this is cute!

darroni123 says:

haha 🙂 so funny good video

creepy609 says:

cool this is cute

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