Gangsta Cats Video Compilation 2016

From cats scaring bears away, to trapping dogs under blankets, these cats have a thug life attitude that you’ll find in this gansta cats video compilation.

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redtails says:

3:40 anyone knows the original parkour cat video climbing the curtain rails?

Wania Basharat says:

4:07 when your cat is so cool and bravo

Yann Guichaoua says:

0:15 He knows Kung Fu

guy delusignan says:

at 2:55 the cat say ''what you looking nigga''

KidAnime20 says:

A Nintendo 64? Huh.

Insaf Jaleel says:

1:02 queen me

chocolateaddict says:

2:56 Sweetest cat

Paula Black says:

Always great content! I love Pet Collective!

Samsun O.O says:

Opening the door has to be #1

Michael Loveland says:

40 second mark, I'd kick that stupid waste of space so fucking hard. Knock is fucking head backwards give em the ol wobly snapped neck. Cats are pieces of worthless shit

VLP says:

4:46 is exactly my cat’s color, and has the same personality. She doesn’t get the hint when we want her to move 😂

Todd Smith says:

2:56 I made it through the door, gimme a treat.

Progressive Revelation Productions says:

oh my word, look at that fat cat at 5:15.. holy

Jaro Mir says:

2:02 cant stop laughing 🙂

Horacio pietri says:

Hate Google Ads, un the middle of this fun video

John Robinson says:

Cats are natures assholes

Knn insane says:

Parkour time.

UniquecornYania says:

2:55 that's some big ass cat right there

Shubhra Tyagi says:

4.37 let me pull a sheet over you dawg! oops did I accidentally strangle you? never mind!!


@4.00 parkour cat

Borko Borkovic says:

The Cat is like a Tick

Dudies213 Bonding says:

The fat cat was like "i can fit in this cause i have the power!!" Gets stuck "Well what do we do" gets inside I need to do some excersice

Rebecca Cripps says:


Trolls Fan says:

Black cats are awesome

MrVhatever says:

Steven Seagal calling lawyers to sue. 0:15

identity Europa says:

Why do these people let their cats torment their dogs? I suppose if the poor dogs retaliated , you would give them crap. I hope the same happens to you

Chris Taylor says:

Who the hell thumbs down these clips, I NEED TO KNOW ?

Sergio Flag says:

3:43 Parkour lessons

SmartMars603 says:

0:24 Our cats all the time.

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