Gay, A Very Itchy Horse

This is our Horse “Gay” he gets very itchy but because he is old he can’t reach the itchy bits himself so he needs some help. He makes some stupid faces when you give him a scratch.

Gay is short for GayLord which was part of his full registered racing name, as he was a (not very good) racehorse.

The bits in the pic that looked like there are no hair are just white hair, he had no hair loss. He was regularly treated for lice, flies etc but being an old horse he suffered more than a youngster. He was regularly checked by the vet and was in good health for his age.

He is very old and at the time of the video he was 35, he lived another couple of years after this


S. Lawrence says:

Calm down people gay is the name of the flipping horse

bipen kumar says:

Non sense, your mother leg

GenericName007 says:

I can think of two reasons I wouldn't stand behind a horse, I'm not sure which one is more likely to happen but both wouldn't be so fun.

Antonio Ceccarelli says:

Bello il CAVALLO!

Mehmet Sincer says:

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Luis Robles says:

She wants to have sex with the horse, what a horrible person 😲😲😲😲

Antonio Ceccarelli says:

Il cavallo é stata sempre la mia passione ma …

Hugo AbraoGuialopes says:

Ele gostou en

Наталья Зинкина says:

Зоофилка пля…

سعودي فقران says:

اااااه يلعن ابوها
أنا تبنجت من حركاتها

Frank Moe says:

Nasty ass lady, I got something you can scratch.

Ghulam Hussain says:

That horse was loving it.

Elizabeth Sharma says:

hello all people that commented years ago bless you

Lorelai K says:

That happened to my gelding you should get to vet out

pou joux says:

Found an Itch Tracker for Gay . HiHiHi !!!!

Xiclotrode says:

should fist him

RRHJ Productions says:

That is totally normal I molest my horses all the time

Jack Dempsey says:

Amazing channel! Keep it up!

audry lapino says:


Gemma Lewis says:


keila Videla says:

Me encanto super gracioso

giuseppe3010 says:

stick your ARM into his ass….. and let's see what happens !!!

K . J . Mudge says:

Bless him poor old man looks like he loved nothing better then a nice scratch from his mum 😊

Lucky Chance says:



David Ra says:

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Mehmet Aktas says:

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Jeleidis Perez says:

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Muhammet Aksoy says:

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Henrique30 evill says:

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