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In this video you will see my 4 yr old daughter handling for the 1ST time him in protection. The dog is extremely hard and civil and it is the first time working with the new helper. So the dog took it very serious like a true civil dog. The dog was bred and trained by me. You can check my page for more videos on K9 German Shepherd Nation on Facebook or you can watch the rest of the 75 videos here on youtube. Cont: DDRPROGSD@YAHOO.COM



Aimee Ross says:

What the heck is that thing they wear on thier arm

TheHeavyb1985 says:

people say you need to train your dog to defend i have a bite mark and my wrist that defies that logic lol

The YouTube kid 2nd channel says:

Y'know German shepherds can be killed too…. (no offense)

Surf Shop says:

You should have first ordered yourself a new arm then do this.

Laura Barros says:

awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww sooooooo sweet of the dog protecting his owner

FatBoyDown says:

what a good dog

Amaria's Land says:

Did you know 30% of people (all over the world) say dogs are dumb? Well dogs are on the top list of: intelligence, loyality, friendliness (depending how you raise them), and some are very protective!😏

Ayanna Spears says:

This is why my mom should let me have a dog. I love them

Moshe Goldbergstein says:

Let's see a cat do this…

Barry Soliday says:

Aus. Aus aus aus….

dwayne neal says:

My only dog I owned was a german shepherd , he wouldn't hurt nobody just a big loud barker . Very skittish also,it got bad after he was a pup ,I couldn't even walk him he dragged and dragged me the whole time. Had a problem maintaining and gaining weight too,he hated dry dog food. He lived to about 12 years old and died fast because my stupid mom gave him a bunch of bad ham given by a neighbor. His stomach swelled up it was bad.couldnt save him.

Kassandra Frost says:

I had a dog excatly trained like this he was there to protect me too if I was alone. (Mom often wasn't home and I was a child that often got in trouble. I would often open doors to strangers and more.)
So when we got the dog we trained him for me. And the dog was always around me even while I was sleeping he would sleep next to me. He was the best dog ever. I miss you Stern.

Charlotte and Grace says:

German Shepards are so sweet but not when it comes to bad guys that little girl is so cute i am really glad she has a German Shepard

JohnnyBoii says:

It’s called training 🤦‍♂️

XxSophiaPlayz :D says:

wait this isnt real right just, just curious xD

Cochrane Family says:

Pushing on a dog's mouth when it's biting you does not help

pbruc brooks says:

German Shepards have a bite to break bones! And they'll fight to the death to protect their owners.

David Ko says:

I like beagles better. I still like german shepherds though. They are great for police dogs.

Crimsontide Productions says:

Happy I have one

Gustav Nilsson says:

waw this is aminal crulty

Tilen Tomažič says:

She can barely walk and you're asking her to grab his collar. xD

vectorm4 says:

The dog was wagging its tail.  Is it a game to the dog?  (Not critical, serious question)

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