Giant Anaconda vs Felidae – Python vs Lion – Anaconda vs Cat – Anaconda vs Jaguar – Python vs Tiger


GuruQA says:

Giant Anaconda found in brazil:

Georgia Green says:

I was wondering what's human natural ability


fking anacondas

Mike Samson Unabia says:

Cat is small, that's why he was eaten by anaconda.

Grg Akhir says:

what the fu . . that is not lion that,s fu…domestic cat.

Complaint Department says:

That music is as ANNOYING AS THE FUCK!!!

Лана Лурье says:

как прекрасно что я живу в России такого ужаса не вижу.Умерла бы от страха"!

jul amour says:

ohhhhhhhhhh le bébé pêcheur il fait de la peine putain

sundream lin says:

cat will beat snake,beacause speed

Levi is Bae says:

don't mess with anakondas

ricky dona says:

Proof that snakes love to eat pussy.

surftons official says:

Don't mess with a Nigga Cat you bitch!

Антон Игроман says:

Golden axe 2 song!

David Rook says:

When it comes to big cats, they can pretty much rip apart any big snake, unless they are sick or already dying.

No Name says:

This has more views than Mayweather vs Pacquiao.

9boomerang says:

Fuck the music background

PurpleDream RBLX says:

there videos should be banned this is just sad!

CHRIŚT. NG says:

I hate snake

Mary Lee says:

The point is, no matter how big or strong you are, once a snake gets hold of you or bites you, your as good as gone:/

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