GoPro: Attack of the Fat Cat!

A random clip I recorded of my fat cat playing under a chair. I thought it looked funny, so I decided to do a short and dramatic edit of it. Apparently, my cat wasn’t too fond of close-ups as he would strike the camera whenever it got near haha. Maybe the red recording light on the GoPro reminded him of this:

I shot this on a GoPro HERO 3 Black Edition using 2.7K @ 30 fps on Protune.

Music: “Dramathon” by Joseph Saba / Stewart Winter


Sarah Panda says:

that is not nice and not fair! Stupid people!! Just feed her too much, u know she could die no👊?! Oh yeah, I forgot ,stupid..👍😫😲👊👊

ellameno P. says:

when mom wakes me up in the morning

DevazDvx says:

I want that cat ~_~

FH.TV says:


Gustel6907 says:

Hemingway cat! 🙂

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