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A juvenile great white beached itself while trying to catch seagulls off Chatham, Massachusetts. Thanks to the harbor master and beach-goers, this shark was saved.
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Anica Morin says:

save it dumm dumms

Nicolas Sides says:

It didn't die then it died later

Quinn Hunsinger says:

To everyone angry at the people just standing there that shark easily weighs 200+ lbs and has multiple layers of razor blades as teeth so go grab a 200lb tire put in sand and try and move it and then imagine the tire is capable of bending 45 degrees to take your arm off and the tire was outrageously angry I highly doubt if they tried they could've dragged that shark and if they had they would end up in shallow water with a pissed off great white

toybonnie9 says:

someone should have helped it!!!

Kaja Maryniak says:

shark xo

Jakyria Tindell says:

they need to hurry and put it back i the water befor it dies dang i would puch all of them to the shark for being stupid and just satnding there

mittao86 says:

That nigga shark didn survive, RIP little nigga

Vivian Li says:

i think when the shark see them again it wont harm them becuse when you safe a animals life then they never forget you that day you safed a animals life so they will not harm you but if you did not than uo

Cute FashionGIRL says:

Zo zielig

lisa herman says:

It died didn't it.

Derrick Mcclain says:

stupid humans

Jean karlos Arela melo says:

imbéciles es un tiburón y todavía kieren aserlo sobrevivir k bestias k son

dead man says:

is the shark alive

Olivia Carleton says:

When you really think about it sharks are beautiful mystic creatures and they are probably afraid of us too and some of them are friendly so kind of…..💜you sharks

ham bubblenuggets says:


Lieutenant Ray says:

The shark actually died… Sharks are not made to swim backwards. Therefore when the shark is getting pulled backwards water is filling its lungs which is drowning it. So yeah thats why the sharkie died

Tia Peterson says:

That poor thing I am so sad I can never really not be nice to any animal

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