Group of Cats attack Dog and Man – Animals Being Jerks Shorty #30


NoReply says:

#team dogs – samurai those cats and feed them to the dog!

Deina Blackat says:

There's probably an epic backstory to this

kaveh kkk says:

i like cats tacktic for attacking very fast and un perdictable .

Celina Martinez says:

well I mean you're 3 and you could have done worse damage to them

TrooperLFC says:

i hope you cooked the little cunts afterwards

Dusk Lycanrok says:

I was like a Windclan patrol runs in to dog.
Leader of the patrol
Windclan attack
Dog loses the fight

BadDeathRose cat says:

Best video EVER!!!!❀️❀️

BadDeathRose cat says:

Cats rule dogs drool.

Doctor Z says:

With cats, all they had to do is take the dog on their laps and slowly walk away. Cats attack only if they see a threat. A freely walking dog is a threat. Cats always wait for the very last moment before they attack. They never attack without a warning (unlike some dogs).

murtaza hassan says:

They are lucky it wasn't a bully kutta they attacked or many would have been ripped apart…
This dog was not a dog at all or would have used its teeth…

Leticia Saavedra says:

😒😭😭😭😭how sad thing of that dog as a baby or something special of yours

undying death says:

thunderclan is just protecting their territory

Utoepius says:

Together, these cats would be able to survive on the streets of china without being eaten!

Utoepius says:

Those cats are further along the evolution chain to becoming perfect.
They have increased intelligence.

Super Friday says:

They call themselves the "Dead Mouse Crew." Look it up.

Markus E says:

Cats, even the indoor ones, are independent animals and/or (still) somewhat "wild" since we see them killing birds, rats, etc. Dogs are are not–some are but they have to be trained. Its never a fair fight with a domesticated dog vs a domesticated cat. To be on the same level of mind and instinct, dogs have to be trained to not give a crap or in other words to fight cats. On even and equal such grounds, that dog in this video would have killed at least two of those cats while the others watched.

Sharon Bell says:

just get a πŸ”« and shoot all those cats! that would solve the problem.

Centurion Tim says:

Wow! Lol I've never seen cats do that to a dog

Federico Bonvicini says:

Is my dream I wanna kill all the cats,cut his fucking heads

thedis troyer game ing says:

Just get 3 great perineas to kill those cats

Klazyo says:

Fuck him up gj

123OGNIAN says:

The new cast for the raptors in jurassick world is awesome!

Jah_god 24 says:


Najie Jikiri says:

I've seen videos of a group of dogs attacking (killing) a lone, defenceless napping cat. But after watching video, it gives me some kind of satisfaction, I mean a gang of cats attacking a dog…

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