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Learn how to teach your cat to give you a ‘High Five’ but first, It’s highly recommended to clicker train your cat and teach them sit, stay and shake paws before teaching this trick (Tutorials links below) Thanks for subscribing and sharing our videos. SUBSCRIBE – http://tinyurl.com/kq2rj6x
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Did you know that Didga is from an animal shelter? it’s always best to adopt – don’t shop, also please spay and neuter your pets and don’t ever have a cat declawed. I have tutorials on this channel that can help with your cats behavioural issues and help teach your cat tricks.
Please note: I’ve been a professional animal trainer for over 33 years. Many of the tricks and amazing things you see Didga and Boomer do took many-many days, weeks, months, even years of practice and perfecting before filming ever starts. (100%positive teachings only) Please don’t try many of the things you see us do at home, I’d feel bad if your cat was hurt or forced into doing something they don’t want to do. Watch my tutorials to learn how to teach your cat.


Ir D says:

The video does not load, could you please check it?:)

Umaxen 00 says:

All I know is by the time your cat learns ALL the tricks, he'll be 55 pounds…

Theodora Daniela Capat says:

Ok… I wrote to one of your videos if it is too late to teach a cat to walk on a leash… this video proved me wrong!

Thank you for uploading all of this videos!

RealJade Love Winx Club says:

I don't have a clicker what am I gonna use to teach our cat?

Sherif Ali says:

after he already learn that he won't do it without treats
what should i do?
he refuses to do it unless he can see or smell treats or at least eat one first so that he knows that it's worth it lol

2 CATS & 1 APARTMENT says:

nice job taming her/him

Don Arnold says:

CATMANTOO. in 4 days I have been able to teach my Seal point siamese Koko to do the High Five…thanks to your instructions and a few treats….Thank you

Narshanova Azalea says:

how to teach a cat to stop biting?
Macan my cat is 3 months old, and he loves biting so much, especially hands and legs. He's so hyperactive and running around the house like crazy.
Please give me some advise.

Tameka Giddings says:

Hey Robert, one of my cats really hates her front paws to be touched as she was abused as a baby (I have two rescue cats). While she has come a long way I'm really struggling to move on from this. I have used your behavioural video to great success where I can rub her belly and never be scratched, touch her back feet and she never cares etc but me touching the pads of her front feet is near impossible! In your tutorial my cat is at the part where she is willing to raise her paw, and quite high, but absolutely refuses to touch her paw to my hand. Could this be her one area of weakness and I should just leave it be? I've been working with her for about 3 weeks without luck. I have trained her to sit, spin, come, touch a target and she asks for her dinner every day at spot on 4:30pm. She is trainable, but this is one thing I can't get past. Thoughts?

Jennifer Pugliese says:

Hi! I recently came across your Facebook page and this YouTube page. I have a question regarding my most recent Bengal kitten I brought home 3 weeks ago. This is my 3rd Bengal, but he is the only one I have now. Long story. Should I write you here or on Facebook to ask my question? Which is easier for u?


You should subscribe to my channel! Let the cats unite us! 😀

Vladimir Protasov says:

You have poor audio quality!

Rascal and Shadow Smith says:

That's really cool. I might try that with my cat Shadow. He usually responds to things I teach him. Nice video.

pushkar patil says:

how to train them to come back home before 6

Molten74 says:

Hi i love your instructional videos,i am wondering if it is possible to teach a kitty to jump into your arms.I've seen a couple cats do it on some youtube videos but have never seen how they teach it.

Lunar says:

These video's are great, I hope I'll be able to train my cat just as well as yours are! I'm getting a kitten in a couple of weeks when he is old enough to leave the nest. Is there a specific age you recommend to start training?

peachees says:

Can u teach ur cat to salute with his right hand using only a verbal command?

Michita The kitty says:

Thanks for this wonderful tutorial , love it!!

Sophie D. says:

Thanks for the tutorial CATMANTOO.  Hope you have time in the future to make one for "rollover". Bruno would love to learn that trick.

朱恔飚 says:

Great one, thanks.

Max the red says:

thank you catmantoo. max will be doing fives soon he's got shake down and its been a few month's since he learned to shake its so time.

Hephaestus83 says:

Haha when I see these videos I get the feeling the cat is training you instead of the other way around 😉

Кадр один Дубль один says:

Я одна здесь русская !???

Omari Joseph says:

lovely..i love this

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