How an almost smiling and very smart cat survives a stupid dog….

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Usually, my dalmatian Filon loves to chase cats. And although he smelled her everywhere, the cat just was able to hide by keeping quiet and not moving.


Joseph McCarthy says:

That was your cat and your dog, they wouldn't of fought even if the cat was on the ground.

Sigrid Koppel says:

This is really boring and stupid video and I agree with Tanya K.

Lindsay Films says:

Cats are pretty smart

Tanya K says:

So…you took a video after seeing the cat and knowing that your dog normally chases cats. Were you hoping for a chase? I love and prefer dogs over cats, but would never intentionally endanger a cat's life or cause stress to one by allowing my dog to chase a cat. Sad, really. Happy to see the cat was at ease enough around the dog to not run.

pepe rejil says:

que video mas estupido!

Hilary Petrella says:

Doesn't look like the dog really cares as much as the cat does

Anita Meyer says:

amen, more like stupid….

fireice2037 says:

Cat seems thoroughly uninterested lol

sheka216 says:

smart kitty

goodkid457 says:

@dognukes at least i don`t step in dog shit

dognukes says:

@goodkid457 well dogs are smarter then you and cats

goodkid457 says:

@prettynilros yes it is

Darkmoon12love says:

Dog-Where d cat go -sniff sniff- no shes not on d ground

Cat- O_O he'll never find me >:D

Rose Habal says:

the stupid dog is not stupid!!!!!

KatzenImNebel says:

Cats are so intelligent!But please dont let your dogs chase cats!

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