How to deactivate a cat

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A veterinarian put standby a cat with a plier.

Clínica veterinaria Gattos
Avd. Menéndez Pelayo 37, Madrid


Duterte Sempai says:

this new Minecraft update had me confuse

Uzma Imran says:

bad don't you know that animals can also feel😠

cesarThePencilest says:

found a way to defeat lord beerus champa and neko majin !!

Raiden says:

This is not working in my cat!

Nur Nishrina Lisa says:

Unfortunately, cat.exe has stopped working.

Bamzer Daniel says:

Cat.exe (not responding)

Phyllis Wong says:

how long can a cat be "deactivate" for ? i can do that for the entire car trip , my cat hates car ride

Natalie Rodriguez says:

Unfortunately, Cat.exe has stopped working

Soviet Union of Hedgehogs says:

You got to take out the batteries first

Richard Granados says:

They freeze cuz they think they're being fucked

Dragons Blue Gaming™ says:


Shannon Hauck says:

lol its like it was mentally held against its will, and that is how you feed your old cat who can't eat normal shit anymore because he can't smell it.

DatGaming says:

Cat.exe is not responding . The lesson is never install windows xp on your cat

Mr. Lince says:

and WHY you show this to the massiv idiots at youtube ? you idiot has responsibility to a lot of dead and tortoued cats now ! asshole !

Marcel Žunec says:

Would this work with lions?

Bubba D says:

Error code 404: catto not found

Genos Demon Cyborg says:

If I grab the neck of a tiger will it work.

Mia Simpson says:

poor kitty

SpreaderOfTruth says:

will it work on mountain lions? lions? tigers? leopards? jaguars?

Dan DCC91 says:

Would the cat starve to death if you left it on?

Follen says:

Укрощение страптивого

Gabby says:

eex. cat eex. has stopped working 😂😂

Kenan Kimil says:

Why does that happen? Is it like a weak spot or something

FiryMY says:

Dude try doing it to your skin. It fuckin hurts. At least try using somethig less elastic than that.

amazingdany says:

What a cute cat!

iwaswithyourmum says:

It's funny how people like this video and then go and dislike another video doing the exact same thing

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