How to entertain your cat!

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10 minutes of chirpy birds in full HD for your cat to watch
** Download the full 90 min Telekat from **

Is your pet feline bored? Cats love to watch videos of insects and listen to birds singing! Turn on HD, put it into fullscreen and play this video of these butterflies

Telekat features High Definition videos and sounds of animals your cat will love to watch. It brings the outdoors indoors.

– Over 70 fur and feather filled minutes of HD video for cats to watch

-Videos and animations of the animals your cats love to watch – a smörgåsbord of birds, fish, shrimp, hamsters, Sea-Monkeys and butterflies!

– An ideal way to keep housecats entertained and stimulated. Your cat will love listening to our soundtrack of chirping birds.

– Play it on your television, computer, tablet, iPad, iPhone, games console or anything that plays HD video.

– The perfect gift for indoor and outdoor cats. When you buy Telekat, you will receive a download link, which you can send to a friend.


cncHD says:

My cat (11 years old) watched the whole thing and tried to punch the birds from time to time

Emily 13 says:

This is the only video that got my cats attention XD they were so confused

Michael Pigeon says:

This video is really cool! I projected it on the tv screen and my cat started hitting it. This one is his favorite.

attackthecanvas says:

my mane coon loves this. he watched the entire thing.

Brian Henley says:

My kitten loves it, but we both thought that one bird was a bully. 

Antonio D says:

My cat gets all lovey dovey and tries to nap on me.  She's not even like that hardly.

elsemieni says:

My cat watches it about 3 min, take a look back of TV and see there's nothing, and it realizes it is just a hoax, and then goes away angry :(

DHG aVaLoN says:

My cat watches this every night chills her out :)

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