How to introduce cats to dogs

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Wondering how to introduce your new cat to your resident dog? Watch our practical guide to make sure that your cat and dog’s first meeting is a positive one.

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Cotlynn K says:

My cat grew up with a dog but she hates any other animals that are bigger than her even by a tiny bit

Dr Ren says:

Exactly what I needed! Clear and concise ..Thank you!!

Twilight Gaming and Gizmos says:

I love cats protection and dogs trustπŸ˜„

AR AD says:

Great, but there's no time to play around like that for days. You bring a puppy home and have to introduce it to your dog. How would you do this in a best way?

Kellsjauregui Est-727 says:

my dog gets on with cats but my cat didn't get on with dogs, until my dog fell asleep on my couch once and my cat started licking its leg and now they get on fine. weird!!!!!!

beast4life BOSS says:

I got a dog yesterday my grandpa is holding on to it and taking care of it rn because my cat was hissing when she saw it

Ethan Adams says:

Yeah I'm just gonna throw them in a room and close the door

Cat Lady Lucy says:

The cat and dog are both so beautiful! Would 10/10 adopt that gorgeous ginger fella, thanks for the helpful tips too!

nq says:

loud music!

Gwendoline Merrick says:

The cat seemed totally uninterested throughout πŸ™‚

AgentChickenNugget says:

my dogs hate my kitty

Sophie D. says:

Excellent info. provided and well put together. However, if possible, I would edit the sound effects to reduce the background music which is too loud at times relative to the narrator's voice. Thanks for this video.

Alison Jones says:

yes no loud music or no music at all is better !

Alexander A says:

cats are so complicated to deal with sheesh. love them though

Brando Miranda says:

great video! Thanks!

Just as a way to improve the video, I love the background music, it makes it feel a lot more professional, however, lowering the volume just a little bit might be helpful to make the explanations more easy to understand.

Thanks again. πŸ™‚

scyllabub says:

Thank you for the 'tutorial' but I'm finding it rather difficult to hear clearly, the background music being a bit intrusive.

Elizabeth Long says:

β—” β—” ..thank you

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